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Hello, my name is Mary Celestial, and thanks to my gifts and experience, I am a recognized psychic in USA.

Why offer a free psychic reading ?

Born in France but raised in Switzerland, I spent my whole life developing the psychic gifts I inherited from my mother as well as studying esoteric sciences, including various tarot decks. I have traveled almost every year for the past 23 years. During this time, I met psychics known for their incredible gifts and deep knowledge of the occult sciences. My travels led me to the four corners of Europe, India, and Egypt, and I was able to put my clairvoyant and fortune-telling skills to practice in helping many people with my cards. The lessons I learned from these great psychics and tarot readers allowed me to understand and assimilate all my gifts in terms of clairvoyance and further improve my knowledge in tarot by not only practicing the Tarot of Marseille but also Egyptian tarot.

Having practiced reading tarot since childhood, I put at your service my gifts in reading Tarot of Marseille, which I am especially fond of. This tarot deck allows me to very easily trigger my visions and premonitions, during which I connect with the astral world through your voice and my concentration. For you, I will read a Celtic cross spread, which I am very familiar with; it will allow me to answer any questions you ask me.

In addition to my gifts in card divination, I was able to develop to a similar degree my knowledge of the different aspects of clairvoyance and esoteric sciences as well as para-psychology during my many trips. This allows me to find the right words to convey the answers communicated to me and lend you an attentive ear and listen carefully so you feel that you can trust in me completely and rely on my answers to move forward in your life.

How do you take advantage of my free psychic reading offer ?

I decided to offer a free psychic reading to use my gifts and knowledge for anyone who needs them. Just enter your first name and email in the form below, and I will contact you directly thereafter so we can begin the psychic consultation. You can then tell me about all your problems and unanswered questions. I will perform a tarot card reading for you and interpret the spread free of charge. I hope to help you make the right decisions and restore your confidence in your destiny.

Yours truly,
Mary Celestial, your psychic fortune-teller

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